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Gucci Ghost SuperKranky V2 Color

Gucci Ghost SuperKranky V2 Color
Gucci Ghost SuperKranky V2 Color
Super Plastic

Gucci Ghost SuperKranky V2 Color

An Artistic Fusion: SuperGhost Grey SuperKranky 8-Inch

In the realm of contemporary art and urban culture, the SuperGhost Grey SuperKranky 8-Inch is a commanding presence. This limited-edition piece, a result of an exclusive partnership with renowned artist Trevor Andrew, exhibits a stunning blend of artistic design and high-end fashion sensibility. Infused with a unique matte finish, its gray hue exudes sophistication and minimalism, making it a coveted addition to any art collection.

Intricate Detailing: More than an Art Figure

The SuperGhost Grey SuperKranky is not just a typical art piece; it's an interactive experience. The semi-translucent ghost cloak can be removed, revealing an intricately designed figure underneath. Additionally, the electroplated chrome spray paint cap and the luxury eye patch add to its eclectic appeal. Give it a shake and delight in the sound of a real-life rattle. Every small detail contributes to its overall artistic narrative, making it a compelling expression of modern art and street culture.

Exclusivity and Quality: Limited Edition Masterpiece

Superplastic's SuperGhost Grey SuperKranky is not just another collectible item; it's a rare masterpiece. With only 2,500 pieces ever made, each one holds an intrinsic value of exclusivity and rarity. Infused with Superplastic's proprietary Artofficial Flavor™️, this piece combines artistry, craftsmanship, and premium materials, promising a product that is not only unique but also of exceptional quality.

Introducing Superghost “Grey,” the second and final edition of our collaboration with world-renowned artist, musician, and fashion designer Trevor Andrew.

This 8-inch Superplastic limited-edition vinyl art piece comes flawlessly finished in a muted matte colorway and features a removable semi-translucent ghost cloak, an electroplated chrome spray paint cap, and a customized luxury eye patch. Give Superghost a shake to activate the real rattle sound.

Limited to only 2,500 ever made.

Made with artofficial flavor ™️